What we do

Code Sources' professionally based consultant team provides a complete construction document code review service using the applicable codes and standards. We specialize in the International Building Codes & the state's amendments, NFPA's Life Safety Code, the energy codes, the National Electrical Codes, and the various standards referenced in the codes.

We provide surveys of existing facilities for code compliance for the purpose of feasibility studies, facility safety, insurance requirements, or ADA compliance. Manufacturing companies use our service for developing new products to assure code free problems nationwide.

History and Background

The firm started in March 1993 by president architect Robert Bush, RA. Our quality service draws upon Mr. Bush's 27 years experience as architect and code consultant in a 300 plus person architectural firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Code Source has provided code consulting for hundreds of facilities of all types.

Consulting Benefits

Pressed for time? Our consulting service will free your time and your staff's time from building code analysis work. Assure design and construction quality. Higher quality results in less problems and increased firm reputation. Lower liability through better compliance.

To the design firm, it makes economic sense. Better code complying drawings results in less cost overruns as compared to drawings that are not in compliance which may reveal code problems later in the design process or even during the construction stages. Frequently, our consulting will save construction costs through the use of building code trade-offs and cost cutting code options


Full service building code consulting for architects, municipalities, and businesses

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