Preliminary Plan Reviews

Applicable codes and regulations are determined through a search of agencies (federal, state, and local). A report showing applicable codes are issued to the team members before design drawings begin.

Schematic drawings are reviewed for code compliance. The type of review can vary and is tailored for your particular project and your needs. For example: results or reviews are discussed over the telephone or faxed, drawings are marked up and sent to the architect, for offices within an economic travel range from our offices we will provide the consulting meeting(s) at your offices. Hours are kept low through short cursory reviews.

Reviews include necessary reviews with authority having jurisdiction and architect either over the telephone or at the building official's office. Code reviews for schematics (or design development phase) are finalized with a summary report and issued to the project team. The final Schematic Phase Report enables the designer to start Design Development Phase with the necessary details required for code compliance. Included in the report are the following:

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