Code Consulting for Architects:

Construction Document Plan Reviews
Preliminary Plan Reviews


Types of Contracts

Full Comprehensive Service (lump sum or hourly fee): All design phases (schematic, design development, construction documents, and construction)

Hourly Basis Service: On an "as need" basis, and

Drafting Services (lump sum or hourly fee): Code drawing development

Benefits of Our Service
In today's competitive market, architects are concerned with containing costs while maintaining quality. It's a difficult task without the input of people with specialized training and knowledge. Designing for building codes and regulations are difficult and challenging. Busy architects don't have the time to stay current, yet building codes and regulations are constantly changing. Most firms are finding that having building code specialization is a luxury they cannot afford in-house.

We are a full time code consulting company, specializing only in building codes. Code Source has the specialization required to stay current with building codes and regulations. This requires involvement in many activities, such as: attending ICC & NFPA seminars, receiving and reading code interpretations, consulting on hot lines directly with code organizations, attending monthly training meetings at regional code association and yearly code organization conferences, and performing various code plan reviews for municipalities and architects.

Quality code reviews result in cost savings. Poorly complying construction documents "caught" later by the Building Code Official may result in expensive drawing and construction changes with diminished project schedule and which quickly erode any profits the architect may have. Even more damaging is the bad public exposure and "press" this may bring. Code Source will deliver the quality code reviews you need to lessen your exposure to liability.

Full service building code consulting for architects, municipalities, and businesses

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