Building plan review:

Approximately 75% of ICC Plan Review Fee. For cost of ICC fees, refer to publication in the ICC Building Safety Journal or the ICC web site. Our building code fees include a structural and accessibility review. Fire sprinkler and alarm systems reviews have an extra fee based on the number of sprinkler heads and fire alarm devices.

Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical, Plan Review:

Each review is 25% of Code Source's Building Plan Review Fee.

For Specific Reviews:

Typically, we maintain a ten-day turn-around for plan reviews. Call us for special rates for tenant fit-up, fast track construction projects, facilities with high hazardous materials, and remodeling projects. Second reviews are at no additional charge. Third and subsequent revisions will be on an hourly basis. If special needs or arrangements are necessary (preliminary reviews and fast track construction bidding) please feel free to call Code Source for more information.



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